If you have a child with special needs, you know that it can be hard to find child care. You may have had to go through several different child care providers trying to find the one that is right for you. If you have been searching for some time or you are just starting out your search for child care for your child with special needs, there are some suggestions that you can use to help you in your search for the right place for your child.

Visit the Provider

When you are starting to look, you want to start by going to the facility and taking a good look at it. First, you want to talk to the head of the facility as well as the teacher that would be leading your child's class. You should ask questions about things like safe spaces for children who are overwhelmed where they can go to calm down, how they handle that circumstance, and how the other kids are handled during a severe meltdown. You may also want to ask about the policy about children who injure others through biting or hitting. You may also want to ask if you can observe the class for a moment. You may not be able to because of privacy issues, but you may have the chance. You should also ask to see places like the bathrooms and the playground as well as an empty classroom. You should also ask the director about the teacher/student ratio and the possibility of a 1:1 aide for a child. 

Talk to Support Groups

If you are in a support group for parents of kids with special needs, whether it's a general group or one that is specific for your child's particular issue, you can also ask parents in the group which child care providers they suggest. You should be able to come up with a suitable list of child care facilities that are liked and disliked. Make sure that you ask the parents more than just which ones they like or dislike, ask them why. It may just be that the parent didn't particularly "click" with a teacher. That may color their opinion of the facility, even if there is nothing else wrong with that facility. 

Finding the right child care for your child with special needs is really important. You want them to go somewhere that will make them happy and where they will thrive.