Did your regular daycare center suddenly close? Do you have a serious family issue, illness, or another similar type of emergency that will prevent you from going into the office for at least one day? If you can't miss work, but don't have a backup child care arrangement, take a look at what you need to know about your options.

Can You Enroll Your Child In A New Center ASAP?

While you could potentially find a center that has openings and enroll your child immediately, this isn't always the easiest or best option. Child care is more than just supervision. The right early childhood program can help your preschooler to develop new skills and build budding abilities. Along with care and supervision, these programs provide an academic and social setting that can help children to grow into independent thinkers and problem solvers.

Even though it's possible that the first program you contact is the perfect option for your child, it's more likely that you will need to do some serious research, visit several different centers, and weigh your options. This process makes it unrealistic to think that you would find the ideal center on the day before or the same day as you need care for your child. If you did happen to find the just-right program right away, you may still need to wait for a space to open up or until you complete pre-admission requirements. 

What Are Your Other Options?

If it's not practical to find a new center for your preschooler on the day you need care for them, will you need to take the day off from work or leave your job? The answer to this question is not always. Instead of a permanent full-time program, consider emergency child care or a drop-in center. 

These options are exactly what the names sound like. Emergency care offers care in the event of an emergency—such as an illness, injury, or anything else that could take you away from your job or care for your child. A drop-in center is another type of emergency care arrangement. Instead of enrolling your child in a full-time program, you can drop-in and drop off your child on a daily basis or when they need care. There are many different options so it's important to look at which one is the best for you. 

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