Some children really struggle with being dropped off at daycare for the day. If your child is having a hard time with being dropped off at daycare, there are things that you can do to make drop-off time easier on you and your child.

Follow The School's Routine

Most day cares have a certain routine that you are supposed to follow when you drop your child off. This is a routine that they encourage all parents to follow when they drop their child off at a 24/7 daycare. Ask your child's teacher what the expected routine is when you drop your child off at day care.

For example, they may want you to bring your child in, assist them with taking off their coat, put their belongings in their cubby, and set your child down at the table to eat their breakfast. Find out what the routine is for the classroom that your child is in, and stick to it. Following the same routine as other parents can help your child get into the rhythm of daycare and it can help them see that there is a routine and pattern to drop-offs for everyone.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Sometimes, children struggle with drop off not because of how they feel, but because of how you feel. If you feel guilty every day when you drop your child off at daycare, or if you are on the verge of crying because you are leaving your child for the first time, your child is going to pick up on your emotions and mirror your emotions.

Try to be in a happy, upbeat and positive mood when you drop your child off. Show your child that they should be excited and happy about being at daycare, not scared or frightened. Setting the right emotional mode on your end should help your child have an appropriate emotional reaction to being dropped off.

Have Your Own Routine

Within the school's routine, try to add in your own little routine. Have a little hand signal or way of showing them love that you do right before you leave. Read the book, "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn. In this book, the mama raccoon always kisses the baby raccoons palm to let her child know that she loves them.

Have a little routine or ritual of your own that you do when you leave your child. This will give your child comfort and let your child know that you are leaving and done with goodbyes. For example, you give your child butterfly kisses before you go, or you give each other a bear hug. Having your own goodbye signal and routine will help your child know that it is time for you to go while also feeling loved.