When you are putting your baby into child care for the first time, you are faced with packing the items your baby will need while you are gone. Many mothers do not realize what items are the most useful, and may over or under-pack for child care. This guide can help you know what to bring with the baby when you are bringing them to their first day or child care. 

1. Enough expressed milk or formula.

The worst mistake to make is to not have enough food ready for your baby. Many women might underestimate how much their baby will need, so the child is either very hungry or needs supplemental feeding from the caregiver. At first, pack extra milk or formula—more than you might think is necessary. As care continues, you'll get a feeling for how much your child needs and then you'll be able to be more exact with your packing. Be sure you pack two bottles, just in case, and don't forget a cold pack to keep pumped breast milk fresh. 

2. Two changes of clothes.

Infants are unpredictable with mess making. They could wear the same outfit for three days without getting a spot on it and then go through three onesies in an hour because of spit up or diaper accidents. Always pack a couple of changes of clothes for your infant, and make sure that diapers in your bag are replenished daily. You should pack enough diapers so your infant could be changed every two hours while in care. 

3. Receiving blankets. 

You might think the daycare provider will have blankets for your child, but it's better if you send your baby with their own items. Shared items increase the risk of shared illness. Your baby should have their own swaddling blankets, burp cloths, and floor blankets for tummy time. 

4. Medications, creams, or lotions. 

Don't forget your baby's diaper cream! Also, if your baby needs vitamin D supplements or other medications, pack them in a place where they can be found easily. 

5. Reminders of Mom and Dad. 

Finally, your baby knows you and is comforted most by parents. You might bring an animal with your recorded voice, a blanket with your smell on it, or another reminder from home. Don't forget to keep a reminder with you as well—a video or photo of your baby can help make it easier for parents to transition into child care