If you are sending your child to toddler care this fall, you need to make sure that your child is ready for that transition. Being in a classroom with other toddlers can be a big adjustment for your child if they have been taken care of at home up until this point. Being in a toddler classroom, with other three-year-olds, will present your child with an opportunity to socialize and grow away from home. There are steps you can take this summer that will help get your child ready for this major transition.

Work on a Routine

First, you need to make sure that your child has a regular, healthy routine. When your child goes into a toddler daycare classroom, they are going to be expected to follow a routine that is based on time. Being able to follow a routine at home will make it easier for your child to follow a routine at school.

Start by establishing routines that will help your child with the transition to childcare. Develop a morning routine, such as getting up, making the bed, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and getting ready to leave. Getting into a good morning routine will allow your child to transition to going out the door in the morning to daycare will make the transition easier.

You should also focus on a good routine in the evening that will help your child go to bed at a decent time to facilitate getting up in the morning.

Work On Independence

Second, you are going to want to work on facilitating your child's sense of independence. In a toddler classroom, your child is going to be expected to try to do things for themselves, such as take off their coat when the kids come in from the playground or feed themselves food at snack and mealtime.

Of course, there will be people to help your child, but the transition will be easier if your child has the confidence to take on simple tasks on their own.

Consider Potty Training

Third, you are going to want to work on potty training with your child. Your child does not have to be potty trained in order to be in a toddler classroom. The staff will work to help potty-train your child. However, if your child is ready, you may want to try potty training this summer in a comfortable environment. 

You can help get your child ready for a toddler classroom in a childcare setting by working on following a routine, working on independence, and assisting your child with potty training if they are ready. Starting to cultivate these skills this summer will help your child thrive in a toddler childcare setting. For more information, reach out to a daycare like Lighthouse Academy.